Whilst Cheshire Car Keys Auto Locksmiths can replace lost or broken car keys we are also on hand to help with damaged car locks, broken central locking systems and any problems with remote locking devices.

Each vehicle manufacturer designs and fits locks differently meaning each will have different issues and therefore require different repairs.
For example some manufacturer’s models have keys that are prone to snapping while others are know to get stuck in the ignition or even refuse to turn.

While these problems may seem really serious, the chances are we’ve seen it all before and know exactly how to fix the problem. Our technicians can fix faulty ignition barrels and remove or change car locks, without the need to call on your roadside recovery service or dealer. All work is done on site with mobile tools and equipment, reducing the cost and time or repair dramatically.

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If you have noticed that your central locking system is having intermittent problems, or if your key is sometimes getting stuck or hard to turn, make sure you get in touch before this niggling problem becomes a big inconvenience.

We will come to you to diagnose any problems and offer a full car lock repair service on site, helping you avoid any last minute panic.

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